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budhusa 02-05-2004 10:38 AM

Postfix delay notice
For some reason my Postfix server is sending a ton more delay notices than it needs to...i have 1800 messages in the queue, and so far ive gotten about 5000 delay notices, and it keeps sending them...but i am fine with just turning it off altogether (dont know why it was on anyway)...

I have tried turning it off by commenting out the line in the conf file, and then later setting it to 0h, which is supposedly the default off, i have set it to 15d, and i got this message:

Your message could not be delivered for 360.0 hours.
It will be retried until it is 5.0 days old.

interesting...(even more so, that the messages were sent yesterday)...

Is a server restart not enough to apply these settings? Maybe the problem is that the messages are already in the queue, and i dont remove them after server restart? Does it cache somewhere that these messages had a delay notice of 4h associated with them? (thats what it was originally set to). If so, how can i clear that?


budhusa 02-05-2004 07:58 PM

it seems i may have found the solution,
running this as root: postfix flush

this clears the cache of the current least it seems that way...

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