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catilley1092 10-14-2009 12:01 AM

popping noise upon startup of PCLinuxOS
On my Dell Latitude D610, I have 5 operating systems on it. They are Win 2K Pro, Linux Mint (Gloria), Win XP Pro, PCLinuxOS (2009.2) and Ubuntu 9.04. They are on a 100GB drive and all boots and performs well. There is one thing that concerns me, upon startup of PCLinuxOS, there is a single "pop" that is very noticeable. It's on the front left side of my laptop, where one of my speakers are. I'm trying to determine if it's the speaker or some other part around it. It done the same when I ran it on live CD before I installed it. The install disc was made by me through an ISO download. Could it possibly be the disc, or have others had this problem as well? And could it cause damage? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

smeezekitty 10-14-2009 01:09 AM

linux is not gentle when initiating the sound card and it makes a loud pop
theres a tiny chance of damaging the speaker but really i would not worry about it

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