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GEJOE DANIEL 07-28-2006 08:58 PM

players in Suse-10.1 and FC5..

1. I have installed suse 10 on my friend's system.1.By default xine and other
players are present in the
OS.But these players don't have plugins to support Windows (or proprietary) video
formats.So how to get those plugins?Can we get them by YAST(automatic
installation from net)??I heard that Win32(w32) codecs is needed for the default players to
play the prop. formats;if so where we need to copy and install those w32 codecs?IS it
available for each platform(like fc4/5 or Suse)?or is it that we need to copy the
directory of w32 to somewhere in Linux for the players to run all the formats??
I also heard that if Xine engine is present all the other players can play any format
using this engine--is it so??So in Suse what should we do to install this xine

2.Similarly for Fedora Core-5 i tried configuring the xine from tar ball.
a)unzipping the tar ball using tar command
d)make install
It failed in the third step and i couldn't install.As of now
there's no xine rpm available for FC5 and the older ones wont be able to run in
FC5..So using yum i installed amarok but that also doesn't play the windows
formats(mp3,avi,etc..).So using yum can i install any plugin for the
players(available like helix,totem and the amarok now) so that they will run all
video files.I installed xmms but that also has got some probs..Can i copy w32
codecs or install it in Linux so that the players will be able to play foriegn
formats also??What to do for this??Using yum i wasn't able to install xine player
and also when i gave:
yum list available
the output was so big that terminal couldn't hold everything...

Please respond..

Gejoe Daniel

jens 07-28-2006 09:51 PM

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