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ragboy 07-14-2001 12:11 AM

Planning Linux install on old Netserver
I have a HP Netserver 5/66 LF that I'd like to learn with and ultimately test PHP scripts until I find the right one(it won't bring anything on Ebay-) . Thinking of serving banners or just MY portal site. Am I going to have problems with RedHat 6.1 on this old of a server? I saw there are tons of versions- some small only on floppy. most seem to have a lot of disclaimers and I'm too new to Linux to be a tester.

This server has only 40mb RAM and has an Adaptec controller card with 5 twoG drives, Surestore Tapedrive, CD. I think I have an overdrive for the processor. All the install info I see for newbies deal with Windows PCs. I want to start fresh on a server.WHen I fired up the server it went thru a LONG post utility as expected, and shows to be configged for R5, but no OS. Should it boot straight to Linux once it's installed?Will Linux take care of the RAID?Do I have to indure the HP routine every boot?I'm SO new, maybe I should try to WIN98? NOOOO. I'm thinking about taking my chances by just putting in the RedHat CD and try to answer anything that comes up, but I'd like to plan a little better than that.....

I have broadband so I can pretty much download and burn whatever. You guys said this was a newbie site!! I'm a tier3 support tech so you can be brutal without hurting my feelings.Thnks for your time

BrianG 07-14-2001 12:33 AM

try redhat 6.2...less bugs and easier to use.

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