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brjoon1021 03-05-2007 03:17 AM

Picasa: Please help me with deleting pictures from Picasa
I am using Sidux, a debian Sid distro. I just installed Picasa photo editor. Geez, there should be a warning when you open Picasa for the first time. There is a dialog that pops up and asks whether you want to specify where Picasa looks for pictures or if you to let it to its own thing. If you don't specify, like I unfortunately did not, it will go through the hard disk(s) and pull every image including thumbnails, icons, you name it from your Linux installation and import them. I apparently have hundreds of unwanted images in picasa that I would like to get out of Picasa, but NOT DELETE from the system. I don't want to lose splash screens, desktop backgrounds, icons, etc... I just don't want them imported into Picasa.

I installed synaptic just so that I could do a complete uninstall via synaptic, but when I reinstalled picasa it had the same folders full of all the stuff that I did not want imported to begin with.

So, can you help me delete these images/folders from Picasa but leave them where they are supposed to be... such as the desktops, icons, etc...?



ymsetjenesta 08-14-2007 05:22 PM

Simple simple....
Just open the "FILE-Add folder menu". Add or remove folder there as you like. You can even chose if it should watch the folder or just scan it once.

Good luck.

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