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nyk 10-05-2004 10:18 AM

PHP doesn't work anymore
I have a gentoo server on which I installed apache2 and php with emerge.
PHP worked well in apache until I did an "emerge -u world" followed by the cursed etc-update, that somehow always **** up one or the other config file...
Now I just see the php source code when I look at the page...

I guess I have to load the mod_php module in apache.conf, but I have no idea what it could be called and what other things have to be added back...
Can anybody help?

mcleodnine 10-05-2004 05:31 PM

nyk: could you please edit your post for content?

LQ is an international site which strives to maintain family-rated content. This helps us keep off the the various 'nanny' filters which some companies and institutions choose to implement.

In other words; "No potty-mouth, please. It plinks off the librarians."

nyk 10-05-2004 06:24 PM

ok, it edited... sorry!

the solution was:

(stupid not to have seen it, but got the answer in gentoo forum...)

mcleodnine 10-05-2004 06:31 PM

Out of curiousity - what will happen to your /etc/conf.d/apache2 file when you your next update?

nyk 10-06-2004 03:51 AM

If I don't make a misstake with etc-update again, it should be ok... (I will yust leave it the unchanged.)
but etc-update seems just a bit confusing to me... ok, I am new to gentoo, so I guess next time it might work..

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