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ridertech 02-18-2004 05:46 PM

PHP configure error: Cannot find libz
I'm trying to install PHP 4.3.4 on Debian (2.4.18-686), but I'm getting a libz error. I've tried each of the following configure options...


But it stops on this error...

checking for ZLIB support... yes
checking if the location of ZLIB install direcotry is defined... no
configure: error: Cannot find libz

Yet here are the files...

/usr/libz.a (sym link to 1.1.4)
/usr/lib/ (sym link to 1.1.4)

I'm stuck. Has anyone seen this or know of a work-around? Thanks in advance.

ridertech 02-19-2004 02:23 PM

Worthless w/o PHP
Please help... my server is worthless w/o PHP!

ekelley 08-08-2008 10:14 PM

If its no finding it you probably donít have the developer version of zlib installed so do a yum install zlib-devel

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