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chickenlinux 07-15-2009 05:46 PM

Perlbox-voice on fedora 11 with OSS issues
Hello! I wanted to run perlbox-voice on fedora 11, and installed sphinx2 and sphinxbase along with perlbox-voice. from there, when I tried starting the listener from perlbox-voice, I had some trouble, it would sleep forever because it was not able to locate the sphinx2 data. This was easily fixed with some quick configuration file mods, (changing /usr/bin/blah or /usr/share/blah to /usr/local/bin/blah or /usr/local/share/blah) but now I have a new problem: It cannot open the /dev/dsp device; it doesn't exist.. :(

I know it's an OSS problem, as OSS uses /dev/dsp. I just need to know how to install + configure the necessary packages to get /dev/dsp working. If someone can provice OSS package names for the fedora mirrors, ANYTHING, I'd really appreciate it.

chickenlinux 09-05-2009 08:53 AM


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