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davepi 12-02-2012 01:53 PM

pdf viewers and printers
I used Okular (in KDE) until now, because i can't print chosen files from pdf file that has over 10 000 pages and that's annoying. I was able to do this in Adobe reader, so it's not a printer problem. I would like you to help me with choice of pdf viewer that would be opensourced and free as i hate closedsourced programmes and i have to print some pdfs from time to time. Anyone knows any good pdf viewer that would be able to print pages well?

business_kid 12-02-2012 02:15 PM

I'm trying to imagine a pdf with 10,000 pages!
In my experience, if you go much over 300 megs in a pdf, Adobe reader slows the box to a crawl. Admittedly that was windows. The real alternatives are xpdf, Gv, and many editors and viewers. gs itself is also a pdf & printer handler.

I would start with 'ls /usr/bin/*pdf*' and investigate what you find. I have pdfdetach, for instance, from xpdf, which unembeds embedded files. Even 'lp -P n' under cups can take a page number n Mind you, page numbering rarely lines up with pages in a pdf.

davepi 12-02-2012 03:02 PM

Yes it's quite big file. It includes scores to most classical pieces from 18th century till now that's why it's so big. And yes, Adobe reader is very slow with that (file is about 700MB).

ls /usr/bin/*pdf*
/usr/bin/dvipdf  /usr/bin/pdfdetach  /usr/bin/pdfinfo  /usr/bin/pdfseparate  /usr/bin/pdftocairo  /usr/bin/pdftops    /usr/bin/ps2pdf    /usr/bin/ps2pdf14  /usr/bin/snmpdf
/usr/bin/pdf2dsc  /usr/bin/pdffonts  /usr/bin/pdfopt  /usr/bin/pdftexi2dvi  /usr/bin/pdftohtml  /usr/bin/pdftotext  /usr/bin/ps2pdf12  /usr/bin/ps2pdfwr  /usr/bin/texi2pdf
/usr/bin/pdf2ps  /usr/bin/pdfimages  /usr/bin/pdfroff  /usr/bin/pdftk        /usr/bin/pdftoppm    /usr/bin/pdfunite  /usr/bin/ps2pdf13  /usr/bin/roff2pdf  /usr/bin/tiff2pdf

Gv wasn't even able to open this file but Evince opened and printed it fine so I'll stay with this one.

business_kid 12-03-2012 04:38 AM

Is that big file online anywhere?

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