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simdol 10-23-2006 10:59 AM

PAX archive file size limit

I am backing up my files using PAX to a hard disk, using a script. When the archive file size reaches 2GB, PAX is asking for another file name. The interactive message it is giving is "Pax arhvive volume change required. Ready for volume #2. Input archive name or '.' to quit".

The script waits for some time and move on to the next PAX command to archive the next backup. The result is that the previous archive is not complete and hence the archive is not usable.

1. How can I overcome this limit of 2GB?

2. Or as an alternative, how can I specify the name for the archive volume#2, in a script?

Any help will be appreciated.

Mathew Simon

stress_junkie 10-23-2006 11:12 AM

I believe that the 2 GB limit is caused by the limit of inodes in your file system structure. I have overcome this limit by formatting the file system with a larger "block" size, which is in reality a cluster size. Your default block size for mkfs is probably 1024 bytes. If you reformat with a block size of 4096 you can create much larger files. The largest file I've created on a partition with 4096 bytes/block is 30 GB but I could make larger files if I wanted to do so.

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