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derekman 04-13-2016 03:41 PM

patching CoDel patch into mannasim
hello, is it possible to patch new queue type like CoDel into mannasim?

I want to patch new queue from into integrated mannasim for ns 2.35 but i got error when I try to run codel example.tcl

at first, i did patch new queue type on ns 2.35, and i've got run it succesfully, then I tried to integrated it with mannasim, but after that i always got error when try to run codel example like this :(


invalid command name "Queue/CoDel"
    while executing
"Queue/CoDel set target_ $target"
    (file "codel-test.tcl" line 143)

please help me :(

also, a curious question, does mannasim support NAM? because it's really hard to determine the exact position based from mannasim script generator :|

knudfl 05-05-2016 03:44 PM

"codel example.tcl" : Unknown file. Please supply a link.

CoDel-ns-2.35.patch, 2012 : Old.
(The latest CoDel : CoDel+SFQ-CoDel+CoDel-DT__120314_ns235.patch, Dec.2014).

Testing mannasim + codel :
$ ns235-mannasim+codel LEACH_mannasim.tcl : OK.

$ ns235-mannasim+codel codel-test.tcl
ftps 1 webrate 0 cbrs 0 bw 3000000.0 filesize 10000000 reverse 0
accessdly 20 bneckdly 10 realrtt 100 bneckbw 3000000.0
bottleneck starts at 3000000bps
cmd select_ca cubic
29.575980800002796 TCP/Linux proc done called

The build :
$ tar xvf ns-allinone-2.35_gcc491.tar.gz (Dec. 2014 update with "the 2014 Codel" included (like ns-2.36))
$ cd ns-allinone-2.35/
$ patch -p1 < ns2.35-mannasim.patch
$ ./install
$ cd ns-2.35/
$ cp ns ns235-mannasim+codel
$ sudo cp ns235-mannasim+codel /usr/local/bin/

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