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Phil Healey 07-30-2003 09:00 PM


I'm using Mutt, and want to apply an nntp patch. I downloaded the patch, but how do I apply it? There's no single file for me to apply it to using the patch <file> <file> command.


LogicG8 07-30-2003 09:09 PM

patch is smart and will figure some stuff out for
you and patch multiple files if need be.

get the source code for the version of Mutt
the patch is against

put the archive in the same dir as the patch

extract Mutt's source
cd into it

gzcat ../patch-name.gz | patch

build mutt as usual

Phil Healey 08-05-2003 01:38 AM

Thanks. Actually, I used the patch < [patch filename]> command and it worked just fine. I wonder what the difference is?

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