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qwijibow 01-29-2004 07:45 AM

patched mount source. works but i must be root to mount !!!???
hey guys.

Technical stuff...
Fedora Core 1
kernel 2.4.24 patched with crypto-loop
mount / umount / losetup / util-linux origonal versions = 2.11y but upgraded to source version 2.12 and patched with crypto-loop
also installed pam_mount (rpm)

basically, ive installed a new kernel, and patched it with encrypted loopbaclk support, and patched the disk ustilities to be aware of kernel encryption.

however now, nomattter of the content of /ect/fstab i cannot use the mount commnd unless i am suer user or root. there is no access denial errors, all access rights and ownership is setup correctly, mount just informs me that only root or su can use the program.

is there a config file somewhere that allows non-root users to use the mount command ?

apart from this, the pathes are working perfectly, (my home directory is encrypted with 256 bit aes encryption, all runnin smoothly.


SciYro 01-29-2004 07:54 AM

i alsays thought nonroots could use the mount comand just as long as they could use it (you can try moving it into /bin just to see if that changes anyhitng as /bin should be open to all usurs

qwijibow 01-29-2004 07:59 AM

i can execute the mount ccommand, mount is accessable to me.
like i said, all file access rights and ownerships are set correctly.

however upon execution on the mount program, an output is given "you must be roor to mount" and then the program terminates.

i need to know why the program is detecting that im not rooot ant terminating, even though fstab, and other permissions say non users have the rights to mount.

is there a config file i can change ?
or did the patch add this unwanted function ?
if so, where abouts in the source tree to i need to re-program ?


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