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kumarnine 04-14-2006 07:41 AM

Partition Table Recovery in Linux/XP Dual Boot PC
Hi ppl,

I have a x86 machine with 80GB HDD. I have already had WinXp and Fedora Core 3 on my machine.
I wanted to upgrade Fedora Core 3 to RHEL4. When I started upgrading with RHEL4 CD, it could not detect any partition (both NTFS and EXT3) which were there.
I selected manual disk partitioning and it was saying ' no partitions found and if u continue u will loss all the data on ur disk. accidentally, I pressed yes to proceed. Now its not booting either from WindowsXP or from FC3.
When I tried to access those partitions using WindowXP Boot CD, its showing the complete 80 GB space. No NTFS partitions. I have 3 NTFS partitions on this disk which have very much important data.
How can I recover those NTFS partions? I did not format the disk and its as it is.

I think the partition table/MBR has gone bad. How can I recover partition table and those NTFS partitions...pls help me...
Thank u very much in advance.


fakie_flip 04-14-2006 02:38 PM

Try using a Linux live cd. Go to the prompt and type "fdisk -l" as root. If your partitions show, they can be mounted. Also, from the windows xp boot cd, you can do a recovery. After you choose recovery, type in "help". It will give you a list of commands. One of them is fixmbr. I haven't tried it yet, but it might work.

kumarnine 04-16-2006 06:24 AM

thank u for ur reply..

i tried using fixmbr..but the following message it gave :


This computer appears to have a non-standard or invalid master boot recod.
FIXMBR may damage your partition tables if you proceed.
This could cause all the partitions on the current hard disk to become inaccessible.
If you are not having problems accessing your drive do not continue.
Are you sure you want to write a new MBR?


should i proceed further? is it safe to use fixmbr under the above condition.. i am desperate to access those partions...pls ponder some more suggestions...

thank u in advance....bye


kumarnine 04-19-2006 10:50 PM

Hi ppl...
I finally got the solution with Active Partition Recovery 3.0. software. Its a great can recover even formatted partitions... if any body has any recovery problem...Active Partition Recovery is the ultimate tool...
Thank u very much for ur viewing...bye all.


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