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ffaker 08-19-2005 07:52 AM

partimage acting strange when invoked from script
Hi all. This is my first post here, so I apologize in advance if I fail to live up to community norms :)

I have a bash script which is intended for easy backup and restoration of internet terminals in a net cafe. hda1 is the windows installation, hda2 is a large fat32 parition (so it can be easily used by both windows and debian) and hda3 is a small ext3 partition where a minimal debaian install lives. It uses partimage to do this. Right now, the command in the script I invoke partimage with is making the backup BUT it is automatically splitting into a new volume when it reaches the 2 GB mark:


partimage -z1 -e -f2 -b -d save /dev/hda1 /mnt/d/xp-${DATE}.partimg
Now, I have thought of the obvious. As you can see from my command, it is not telling partimage to make volumes. Secondly I know that linux 2.2 had a 2GB file size limit but I AM RUNNING LINUX 2.6!

So; any ideas why it's doing this?

The only thing I thought of is that it's related to the fact that partimage is invoked from a bash script, though I have no idea as to why that should matter. It would be v. useful to figure this mystery out. Meanwhile, I will modify my script so that it looks for volume 000 to start it off.

Sorry if this section is the wrong one for this topic - please let me know the right one. Thanks in advance for any help.

homey 08-19-2005 09:55 AM


On my boxen, partimage puts the .000 after the image name even if it's only one part. So I just tell it to look for the image name with .000 after it.
For example:
partimage restore -b -f3 $i /mnt/images/$part.000

Because it puts the .000 after all image names, I never bothered to try stop the split option. Not really sure what that command would be if it exists but I'll look see if I can find it.

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