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server-solution 02-24-2006 06:09 AM

Pam Mysql Nss
I have a real big problem :(

I have converted my system to use pam_mysql as its authentifacation, I have a table called auth and another called shadow, the auth table is for passwd and the shadow for shadow

pam_sql works fine when loggin users in, as in they are authenticated, however, only the root account can resolve uid to names.

so when I 'ls' as root the files owned by users in the mysql database have there names

when a user from the mysql database logs in the prompt says I have no name and the 'ls' on files show uid's instead of names.

/usr/bin/id will work fine when logged in as root

root@Genesis-2:/etc# id stuart
uid=5032(stuart) gid=5000(students) groups=5000(students)
root@Genesis-2:/etc# su stuart
I have no name!@Genesis-2:/etc$ id stuart
id: stuart: No such user

it seems only root can access the database???

Many thanks for any help

server-solution 02-24-2006 11:39 AM

:Pengy: Well, I have found a workaround, if i change the permissions on /rtc/libnns_mysql-root.conf to world viewable then it works :tisk: this is not good as it holds the root password for the mysql database

The reason I found this out was to use strace on id, it showed it trying to open /etc/libnss_mysql-root.conf and it had access denied, as it should, however this stopped /usr/bin/id from working with pam_mysql

I am in need of a real expert as I only know a little about a lot

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