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qwijibow 07-19-2004 03:45 PM

pam mount in slackware 10
Hey guys.

i have an encrypted file which i need to mount on my users home directory.
because things like .bash_profile, and .kde are stored on the encrypted directory
i need it to be mounted before the logged in user needs to access .kde (which is instantly because of runlevel 4 as default)

anyways... here is how the mount works...

losetup makes a simple (non encrypted) loop called /dev/loop1 which points to /home/user.encrypted

then a script uses encrypted mapping to map /dev/mapper/home to /dev/loop1

(i know about cryptoloop and loop-aes, but i prefere this method)

i am told that PAM-MOUNT can take my user's password and use it to mount the encrypted home partiton in time for startup stuff needing things like .bash_profile and .kde.

however i cannot find any how-to or guides on the topic.

i an using slackware 10.

does anyone know how this is done ?
or know of a good tutorial ?

resaguk 08-06-2004 08:37 AM

You may struggle getting support for PAM in Slackware. To see why, mount you Distro disk 1 and do:

grep -A 14 'n/openssh-3.7.1p2' /mount/cdrom/ChangeLog.txt

To see Patrick's views on PAM (and hence why it's not part of Slackware currently)

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