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bradleymorgan 04-01-2004 11:33 AM

Package Dependencies on Old Versions (Newbie: Help Please!)
Hi everyone,

I have been using Redhat Linux 9 for about a month now on my Sony Vaio PCG-Z1RA laptop. I have been trying to install some of the development packages using the "Add/Remove Applications" tool under "System Settings."

I have been using up2date to keep the system current, but now the packages I am trying to install are dependent on the original versions that came with Linux 9. They won't recognize the newer packages:

Here's what I've got:

Packages Not Found

The following packages could not be found on your system. Installation cannot continue until they are installed.


I tried installing the older versions with no success. Does anyone have a work-around or solution to this. Much thanks in advance!!

-B. Morgan

Tinkster 04-01-2004 01:38 PM

You can always try and force installation...

man rpm

Tink (knowing well why he doesn't use an RPM based distro :})

bradleymorgan 04-02-2004 02:15 PM

Thanks for the help! I'll probably end up trying to track down all of the "X Software Development" packages separately and installing them one-by-one. And I guess I'll have to warm up to gcc as well!

Much appreciated!

-B. Morgan

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