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Oxagast 09-06-2006 11:53 AM

Organize music collection
Hi, I have a relativly large music collection. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 songs. Is there any software for linux that can make it easy to manage all my files names, mess with the tags, etc? Without it being done tediously through the command line, or some file manager. If there is a way to automatically rename all the songs and stuff, that would be great. Most of my songs are out of order and under wierd names (just what I downloaded them under), but I would like it to be neater (eg, all the Metallica's were in the same place and in order, and none were spelled MetallicA and another Metallica and another METALLICA, etc.)


rickh 09-06-2006 12:26 PM

Easytag might help you out. It'll change filenames and id3 tags according to parameters you set.

Edit: I should add that if you're going to do lots of minor adjustments, sometimes nothing works as good as a script. I've gotten help with this sort of thing several times, and I often go back to those threads for reference. I just now went back and linked those threads in a place I can find them easily, and you might find some of it useful as well. Check post # 11 here.

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