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fenriswolf 07-30-2001 12:20 PM

Options..Distro? KDE or Gnome?
I have a machine that I recently bought on ebay for <$20. I plan on using it as a SAMBA machine so I dont lose all my mp3s, etc/ every time I have to reformat win98. This machine is a p166 with 16MB ram(its a gateway Mobo, and doesnt seem to support any more than this. Its got 2 dimms, and 32MB ones definately register as 8MB.) What distro do you guys suggest? Based on the limited hardware I have, what X manager should I use? KDE or Gnome? I have an 18.2GB HDD in it, so this is not an issue, nor is performance really..I just want to have a decent X while I'm setting everything up.


unSpawn 08-02-2001 04:53 PM

With 16megs RAM ure not goin to have the trip of a lifetime... but theres Blackbox & IceWM, both Window managers have a small memory footprint, are fast, and don't require KDE or Gnome libraries to be installed.

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