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rogk 07-25-2004 04:39 AM

I have installed some packets before and they went quite well. Now I'll tried to install game called "Frozen bubble" and there were these two things that I don't unterstand yet.

>[*] First, build Frozen-Bubble and provide the prefix where the
>game will be installed (most probably /usr or /usr/local).

>make OPTIMIZE="my_arch_opt_flags" PREFIX="my_prefix"

>[*] Second, install the files on the system.

> - if you're root (case when you build a Debian package, or
> when you build it locally on your own machine), you will
> choose the same prefix location than for previous step

>make install PREFIX="my_prefix"

> - if you're not root (case when you build a RPM package), you
> need to install to a temporary directory where you have
> write access

>make install PREFIX="/home/my_home/tmp/my_buildroot"

> Then an external program such as RPM will collect the
> installed files and write the package.

Would somebody tell me what are these "OPTIMIZE" and "PREFIX" things means?

Edit: The "Frozen Bubble" is there in Mandrakes CD's, the searchword was bad at the first time. Still I want to know these "OPTIMIZE" and "PREFIX" things.

whansard 07-25-2004 06:04 AM

the optimize is compiler optimizations. you don't have to mess with those.
you may not even have to mess with the prefix. that means where the packages will set up to install to. try OPTIMIZE="" PREFIX="/usr/local/"

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