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neonsignal 11-10-2009 04:16 AM

Opera 10.0 mail search does not show sent mail (by default)
Since upgrading to Opera 10.0, mail from the 'sent' category is not seen in mail searches. The Linux distro is Debian Lenny.

If I do a mail->search, then search for a string (eg 'a') in the Sent mailbox (Entire Message), I end up with an empty list.

The workaround is to select View->Mail->Show->ShowSent, and then the matched messages become visible. But this has to be done on each search. It seems that the view settings for searches have the sent mail off by default. I also looked at .opera/mail/index.ini; the "Model Flags" in searches are being set to 127 (instead of 255 as they were previously).

I don't know if this default search view is changeable by the user?

frankbell 11-11-2009 06:54 PM

I would suggest you take this to the Opera newsgroups. Information about them is at the bottom of this page:

I have read the Opera newsgroups for years and there is a lot of good help there and many persons who know Opera inside and out. There is even the occasional Opera programmer.

neonsignal 11-23-2009 07:03 PM

This problem has been fixed in Opera version 10.10 (I have tested it on Linux Build 4742).

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