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ShadowHywind 01-25-2007 11:57 AM

openvpn, very confused
Hi all, I am trying to set up a vpn server, and very confused about everything. My plan, please tell me if it can't be done, Is to connect to the vpn server and use the vpn connection to surf the web/check e-mail/ all the internet stuff. I have looked at alot of websites, and i am so confused that i have no idea what to do anymore. The website that i have followed is
Using that server.conf and client.conf i can connect *i think* to the vpn server, but i don't know how to check to see if i actraully am connected. Any help would be great.

umichLinux 01-26-2007 01:19 AM

Hi ShadowHywind,

I set up my own openVPN server and clients a few months ago, and I found the HOWTO here the most helpful: I followed it pretty much step-by-step, and I've got a working setup.

I'm a little fuzzy on exactly what you have to do to route all your internet traffic through the VPN, but I'm quite sure it can be done. You might look into using a "bridged" connection to your VPN. Any specific reason you want _all_ your internet traffic tunneled through the VPN? In my setup, I only use the VPN to encrypt my hard disk backups over the internet (and so that the computers being backed up act like they're on the same subnet as the backup server).

As for checking to see if you're actually connected... "sudo ifconfig" will show you all your network adapters. If you see either a "tun*" or "tap*" device, you're most likely connected. to make doubly sure, you can ping your VPN server. Say you've been assigned the ip address on your tun adapter, "ping" should be what you want.


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