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RobTrmr 10-14-2009 04:14 AM

OpenLDAP slapd.conf corrupted

I have a problem with my current LDAP software. For my school project I am required to install LDAP and I have to edit the slapd.conf file. I did this, and something went wrong, I don't know what to change back in the file itself. And i know removing OpenLDAP ends up in not letting me access the GUI during reboot. Is there any way I can set this file back to its default state?

Thanks in advance,



I'm a first time poster here. And my OS is Fedora Core 6

bathory 10-14-2009 04:40 AM

Hi, and welcome to LQ

If you have used the official rpm package to install openldap, then you can do the following to get the default slapd.conf. Copy the openldap-x.y.z.rpm to /tmp (or any other convenient directory), go into that directory and run:

rpm2cpio openldap-x.y.z.rpm |cpio -ivd ./etc/opneldap/slapd.conf
It will extract the file under etc/opneldap/slapd.conf, so you can use it.
And make sure you make a backup of a file before editing it;)


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