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Novatian 06-04-2010 06:25 AM

Open Office Web Page Creator Questions and Looking for Tutorial.
Hi, I have been trying the Open Office web page creator. In Presentation under options, wizard, the web.

Two questions come to mind. How can I get an older document into the page for test viewing? Does the document have to be a certain kind? When I put one in, it looks like a link and will not open, I want it to be there in full straight off.

And creating an email, can it be the new one the host will maintain for me as I pay?

User name and passwords, are an agreement between myself and the host company?

Upload by FTP, I must get the FTP address first from the host?

Is there a tutorial here or elsewhere for Open Office Presentation?

Elv13 06-04-2010 01:43 PM

First, you have to understand what OpenOffice Web is. It is an HTML editor. HTML is the way page are rendered on a Web browser. It is a passive language, it can not perform action. Look at it as a screenshot of an application. If you just want to see it, it is fine, but you can not "use" a screenshot as an application.

There is some more advanced language for dynamic website, including (but not limited to): Javascript+AJAX, PHP, ASP+C#/VB/C++, Ruby on rails, Perl and Python. Those a programming languages, and will generate the HTML you see on the web.

With some understanding of how the web work, you could mix pure HTML pages and dynamic pages to make them "usable" for interactive content, but OpenOffice Web can not, and it not designed for, create dynamic web pages. It does not handle user, form submitting, dynamic content or similar stuff. It is designed only to create read-only pages. To handle users and create dynamic pages, you have to learn the basis of HTML and a language (PHP is the easiest), you can't use a WYSIWYG (graphical application) software for everything.

On the other hand, many peoples / enterprise have created what is called a CMS (Content management system), a website with all the code you need and visual/easy to use editor in the website itself, just like this forum. You can edit your post without writing the HTML by hand, you have buttons that does it for you. The most popular are Joomla!, wordpress and drupal (and typo3 for more advanced needs). It is probably what you are looking for.

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