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foreigner 01-16-2006 05:07 PM

Open Office tools>options dialog box size
I am newbie, and my profession has NOTHING to do with computing. I have just installed Debian-based latest MEPIS distro (KDE), opened OOO 2.0 went to tools>options, and this dialog box appeared HUGE! It doesn't fit into desktop! Fonts in drop-down menus and buttons in OOO look oversized as well!
Is there a way to make the options window (dialog box) fit into my screen?
I have GTK-Qt Theme Engine installed, but this doesn't help! Do not know if Open Office GTK-based or not. By the way my GTK apps will use my KDE fonts, but won't fully use my colors (well, at least my drop-down menus are not black!) My theme is Plastic, colors are Keramic Emerald.
Can anyone please help me with OOO?

megaspaz 01-18-2006 01:50 AM

Go to the Tools menubar item and choose View on the Options on the left. In that window there's a section called User Interface. Lower the Scaling to get the fonts to the desired size. This should cause the dialogs to fit around the font size. I have to say, this doesn't seem to be the most obvious way to do this from a UI perspective.

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