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btexpress 05-17-2004 12:02 PM

Open Office docs for Microsoft Office

I am new with Linux. I have just installed Fedora Core 1 at home. I am trying to convince my family to embrace it.

I have two problems:

1. My Lexmark x6150 printer does not have a Linux driver, how can I resolve this issue?
2. If I want to share an Open Office file with Microsoft Office, how do I go about it?


Lleb_KCir 05-17-2004 12:08 PM

try there for your printer drivers.

as for your 2nd question, not sure i understand what you are asking? are you asking to share it via your LAN? or if you can just make a file in openoffice and then read it in microsoft office?

if its the later, then yes, just save as .doc. that is an option. you can always open files made in M$ office with openoffice, and if you do a saveas you can view it again in M$ office if made in openoffice.

if you are talking sharing it via your LAN you will need to setup a Samba server. that is something you will have to get help from others as im still to new to know how to do that properly yet.

btexpress 05-17-2004 12:26 PM

Thank you Lleb_KCir

This solves my problem of 2. I will work on 1.

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