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captain-cat 06-25-2004 09:52 AM

open new firefox window from launcher (using tabbrowser extensions)
hi, basically i want to run ctrl+n in firefox from a launcher. when i click to the firefox launher i want to open a new window of firefox even if there is another instance of it alread open. i am using the tabbrowser extensions and it prevents me from doing so.

firefox -remote "openURL(about:blank,new-window)"
also fails

PS: apologies if this is not the appropriate forum

wipe 06-27-2004 08:02 AM

How does the command that you mention fail? What error message are you getting?

Notice that if Firefox is already open, that command alone will fail, as it tries to communicate with an already open instance of Firefox. Instead, you'll want a script that checks whether Firefox is running.

Try out new commands, programs and scripts from the command line (e.g. bash), as that way you can see more error and warning messages.

Also, please search the forums using the search facility before posting questions, as they might already be answered. Look at, for example, this recent thread with a similar problem and references to appropriate scripts:

Here is the explanation of the "remote" commands:

There is a separate forums site specially for Mozilla products such as Firefox, MozillaZine Forums.


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