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atko 05-27-2003 09:42 AM

Online Database
I want to include an online database in our intranet at work. I have created the front end of the site - all the HTML side of it. I have also created the database itself in My SQL. I now need to link the HTML to the database so the database can be used. The object is for its users to be able to input data and extract data using the HTML end of it. I have been told about php but cannot see where this fits to the database. If someone can let me know if there is an extremely basic tutorial on this I would appreciate it.


PerpetualBurn 05-27-2003 09:51 AM

Go to for good tutorials on two languages:
- Coldfusion

Both of these languages are great. I am a coldfusion developer myself and have used both of these in the past. PHP is free and a strong language. The reason I put so much focus on Coldfusion myself is that though it is not free, it is probably the more powerful of the two with less typing for that power. However, to simply add a database to your intranet the higher ends of coldfusion or php aren't really necessary.

Hope this helps.

david_ross 05-27-2003 01:42 PM

Take a look at perl too.

To equate your situation to a car - you have the interior and you have the nice body work - you just forgot the engine!

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