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stabu 04-27-2009 09:58 PM

one for ffmpeg experts: it distorts PNGs

I have start using ffmpeg to animate a series of PNG images. IT does it quite easily

ffmpeg -i %05d.png movieofpngs.mpg

It has worked in small experiments. Now I've move on to something bigger and now see that the movie distorts the pngs beyond recognition.

Anybody seen this behavior? Any comments/

In the meantime I am reading up about it. Cheers!

jschiwal 04-29-2009 07:43 AM

Check if the format of the PNGs are consistant. I'm guessing that if some use rbg24 and others use bgr15, that ffmpeg may not adjust. You might also try explicitly selecting the video codec. E.G. -vcodec mpeg2video. I think your simple example uses mpeg1 video instead. Also look at explicitly setting the frame rate with the -r option.

Also are the sizes of the png files consistent? Are they sane values?
You could either use the -s (size) option in ffmpeg or use the ImageMagick "convert" program on the input frames.

I'm just curious. Are you making a cell animation?

stabu 05-15-2009 10:30 AM

hi jschiwal,

thanks for answer.

I'm looking at trying to improve the base pngs (move them to truecolor)
Funnily enough mencoder works ... I get really confused with all the different encoders though, so it's bound to my fault.

I'm just doing animations of any batch image generation software I can get to work. Right now it's libgd and the trajectory of a ball in order to explain elementary differential equations.

I could also do it in gif of course ... I'm not a gif fan though.


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