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srasiroslayer 12-11-2004 05:09 AM

nvidia drivers on fedora core 3
hello everyone,
i am facing a problem setting up the nvidia drivers on fedora core 3
i have downloaded the latest ia32 drivers 6629
while trying to install
they said that the kernel sources did not exist
and so i downloaded the kernel sources.
after the second attempt, nvidia driver was not able to find precompiled sources for my kernel 2.6.9-10 or something and compiled the kernel itself
after the installation
i changed the xorg.conf config file from driver "nv" to driver "nvidia"
and i didn't touch anything else
they also said that i needed to remove the rivafb from the kernel
so i went there
took me an hour to find it but i succeeded
and i added a # sign to the one that said something riva_fb something =m
please tell me if i did something wrong because when i start init 5 after this
the screen goes black for a second
and then stops loading in verbose
thank you

Oliv' 12-11-2004 07:26 AM


well log as root in a terminal (type Ctrl+Alt+F1 and then log as root)
then type the following command: tail -f /var/log/Xorg.log
and post the output


siplus 12-31-2004 11:17 AM

did you comment out 'load dir' near the top?

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