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ajkannan83 02-10-2008 10:31 PM

NS2 Error
Hello Friends

We are using Redhat Linux Advanced Server 3.0. And also I have installed NS-2(Network Simulator-2) in this server. All the client machines are loaded in Windows 2000 Professional. All the users working Linux C, C++ using Telnet. Now we should use NS-2 in windows machine using putty software.

The ns command is working properly. But nam command is not working properly. “Error:Couldn’t Display” Error message is displayed.

In Windows Machine using Putty Software .

root@localchost admin# ns
“ This is command is working fine. But the nam commad is not working properly.

root@localhost admin# nam

Xlib: connection to "localhost:0.0" refused by server
Xlib: No protocol specified

nam: couldn't connect to display "localhost:0.0"

How to view and run the linux GUI application in windows machine.

Please help me.

lakris 02-10-2008 11:33 PM


Originally Posted by ajkannan83 (Post 3053035)
How to view and run the linux GUI application in windows machine.

If I understand Your problem correctly, You want to be able to view graphical applications on Your Windows desktop, started on a Linux machine to which You are connected via putty.

Then You need an X Window server on Your windows machine and You need to run putty with X-tunnelling enabled.

For X window server I use Xming. For putty, enable X11-forwarding under Categories-> SSH -> Tunnels-

Hope it helps.

If the problem is local, for example if You su to root, from a normal user account, there may be rights issues with displaying applications. But You can use the same approach, instead of doing su - for example, You can do ssh -X root@localhost (enabling X11-forwarding). If root is allowed ssh-access that is. And that You really need to be root.

Or You can fiddle with the X display/rights settings, xhost or something.


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