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kumar116 05-15-2010 12:05 AM

Not able to install Kde base runtime environment
Sir...I installed Ubuntu 9.10 along with Windows XP.It is excellent to look.I installed many sound Video related programs.But I could not install
Kdebase-run time environment.I downloaded all required dependency deb packages.But after som packages were installed one package by name Kdelibs5 is asking a satisfying dependency Kdelibs-bin package.When I started installing Kdelibs-bin deb package it is again asking a satisfying dependency Kdelibs5.What is this problem how to get rid of this problem.
Please tell me how to install Kde base run time environment in Ubuntu avoiding this problem.

knudfl 05-15-2010 03:27 PM

It is not recommended to download packages, you can get
with the 'Package Manager' = 'Synaptic'.
The command line can be used too :
sudo apt-get install <package> <package> <package> <package>

If you have no internet connection :
Downloaded packages can be "chain installed" :
sudo dpkg -i <package>.deb <package>.deb <package>.deb

... Then circular dependency isn't appearing.
Circular dependency is, when two or more packages
depend on each other.

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