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burnaws 08-20-2006 03:05 AM

No valid device were found......
I need help in fedora core 5 installation.
I try to boot the installation disk it seems ok when entering the graphic installation mode until the anaconda part..
it will pop u an error which is something like no valid device were found.....

my MOBO is MSI P965 Neo
Intel Core 2 Duo processor
Western Digital SATA hard disk

Hope anyone can help me thanks..
I am a newbie in Linux


cygnus-x1 08-20-2006 10:22 PM

You need to provide more info than that I am afraid. Is that the full extent of the error message? Can you derive what part of the installation this message occured in (Hard Disk setup, Video Card setup etc)

Is this a brand new machine or was another OS already on it? If its new can you check all of your cable connections and configurations again to make sure you have a hard disk etc?

burnaws 08-21-2006 01:59 AM

i has windows installed and i want to install fedora core 5.
During installation steps it cant detect the source file from the disk. It say no valid device found from the installation disk. May be is the kernel cannot detect it or what...

Thank you. :mad:

cygnus-x1 08-22-2006 07:12 AM

You may have a media problem. Does the fedora installation process offer you a chance to check your media for errors? I know CentOS does and that is a Red Hat Enterprise clone. We have had trouble reading disks as well at different intervals in the process and we have determined it was the CDROM device as I was able to use all 4 disks to install on another machine. See if you can check CD's / iso's for problems.

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