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jbcolmena 03-15-2005 01:55 PM

no mic

I'm trying to save a signal using my soundcard as an adquisition system. When I use Xoscope (an oscilloscope through the soundcard) I get no signal. When I try to record the signal using octave, I get a message like: perhaps audio device is in use?

The mic is on. It has the volume on. I can speak and hear myself on the speakers.

could this be a permisions issue? or what?


Matir 03-15-2005 02:01 PM

This does sound like a permissions problem. Depending on your /dev system, the files for this will vary. Are you using devfs or udev? Permissions on audio devices?

jbcolmena 03-15-2005 09:06 PM

mmm... I'm not sure about devfs or udev. I'm using slackware 9.2. I have write-read-execute permisions on /dev/audio and /dev/dsp (I'm not in my box right now... have no internet on it.. so the spelling may not be exact). It doesn´t work even if I'm root.

What I first tried was to generate a signal, using octave, trougth the speakers. I had some problems, until I put the read-read-execute permisions on /dev/dsp. but have no idea about what other permisions I must have.


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