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Hollomankilla 10-29-2007 06:53 PM

no menus after program install
I was hoping maybe someone could shed some light on this for me. I have been trying to find this out. I'm currently running fc7 and everytime i install a program i have to go look for it or manually create menu item for it. How do you make it install a menu when you install a program? Thank you

indienick 10-30-2007 12:18 PM

Which desktop environment are you using - or, if you are just using a window manager, which one?

This is kinda necessary for the rest of us to know if you would like some help with your question. :)

Hollomankilla 10-31-2007 12:19 AM

I am using GNOME however i was am trying to get beryl working. But at the moment i am am using the basic GNOME for FC7

indienick 10-31-2007 09:19 PM

I'm pretty sure with Beryl is set at login time.

Meaning, instead of logging into a generic Gnome session, you log into a 3D session or something like that. I'm sure if you look at the different sessions you can choose at your GDM login screen, you'll figure out which one you need to select.

I don't use Beryl at all, so I could be totally wrong.

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