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Redfiveuk 03-03-2005 05:16 AM

No Linux Log on
Hi All,
I am a newb to Linux, I have installed RH9i fileserver at work and up to now it has been brilliant (139 days uptime). But after loading bitdefender for samba file server I am no longer able to log in. If I log in at the main screen I get a small window telling me my session did not last 10 seconds and to try again in safe mode to correct the error. Even in safe mode this happens so I never get to the desktop, but in safe mode I get a console window open with the following:
bash:/home/felix/.bashrc: permission denied

I had created a new user account but that seem to hang so I rebooted the PC. To make things worse this is the company file store (win2k > samba > RH9i) but fotunately this is ok apart from me everyone else can access this file share. The account I was setting up duplicated my PC account details, and samba is set to allow open access. How on earth am I ever going to get a log on session again?


scuffell 03-03-2005 03:23 PM

Have you got root access to the box? If so, can you cd to the user's home directory, and do an ls -l .bashrc and post the results?

Redfiveuk 03-04-2005 05:36 AM

Hi and thx for response,
I tryed your sugguestion unfortunatley I cant seem to do anything what ever i try I get a permission denied response. Strangely (to me anyway) the open console with the bash command line now says bash-2.05b$. I cant even run a ls command without getting permission denied. Am I looking at a good old windows type format and re-install ?


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