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steve madan 08-07-2006 07:45 AM

No keyboard input on SUSE 10.1
I'm very new to the Linux world. I had been running for about 3 weeks, learning and reading about it when I encountered this major roadblock which I hope it would be simple to fix.

The Problem:

During login, I can not use my keyboard to enter name/pwd.

Facts so far:

The mouse/keyboard HW works since I was able to boot up in runlevel 3. Since I have Samba running, I can remotely log into my Linux box, but not the locally.

Last activity before it died:

I have a local printer on my Windows XP-pro PC which I shared its services. My Linux box was using this shared resource. I was loading some new software on the Windows and had to reboot it. While the Windows was booting, I was on the Linux box attempting to print a document. The print q-spooler received several jobs pending.

After Windows returned from the boot, the print jobs did not get processed. When I reboot the Linux box, I came into the situation that I'm keyboard.

I was able to log in remotely and delete the pending print jobs. I tried to change from runlevel 5 to 3 and back to 5. no luck here.

Can anyone please provide me with with an answer to this problem or a direction to go, so that I may continue to use my Linux box ?

Thanks in advance.

SamuelCardwell 10-16-2009 06:10 PM

I've also encountered this.
I'm new to the forum, and was wondering if you ever got an answer to this question.

SamuelCardwell 10-19-2009 11:13 AM

No keyboard response in SUSE 10.1
I was able to solve my version of this problem by dropping to a console session (Alt-F1), logging in as root, then under /etc starting YaST2 and drilling down to configure hardware for the display and resolution settings (in my case the VESA option was able to find the right details and solve it).. a Reboot, and then the keyboard was back for login business. I had a new monitor installed a few weeks back and never rebooted till now. Apparently that caused a mismatch that affected the keyboard under kde.

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