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Bull3t 09-16-2010 10:56 PM

Nmap Cli vs Gui
I have been wondering for a while if using the Nmap's cli version was really worth it since they have the gui version named Zenmap. Besides the command tunneling feature (which honestly I don't know much about) I don't know of anything that could make the cli version more effective. Does anyone have any comments. Maybe experience with both programs and which one you found more efficient?


Elv13 09-16-2010 11:34 PM

The cli version is easier to integrate in scripts, like all cli apps, it's the whole point.

John VV 09-17-2010 01:48 AM


b0uncer 09-17-2010 02:01 AM

For your personal use, you should of course choose the one you prefer. The graphical interface might be faster/simpler at first, because it takes some time to learn all the command line things (compared to seeing everything in the graphical window at a glance). If you do not work in a graphical environment for some reason, the graphical version is not an option, and thus you'll need the command line version. If I remember right, it is possible to script graphical applications, but it might require tools not available everywhere, and again it probably requires a graphical interface to work in. If graphical apps were "as good" as command line apps in every aspect and more, we probably wouldn't need command line at all.

Bull3t 09-18-2010 05:41 PM

Very good, responses. Thanks!

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