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Simon Bridge 02-04-2004 02:28 AM

new kernel (2.4.22 up from 2.4.20-6) - missing modules - use old modules?
Having finally installed kernel 2.4.22 (That there is now 2.6.1 shows how long I've been trying!) I find that many modules are missing from it. This produces a range of [FAILED] notifications on bootup - probably the most worrying is the ip_tables module.

However, the old kernel has these modules!
But even as root and booted in the new kernel, I cannot see the old modules.
Can I force load the old modules into the new kernel or do I have to install new modules for this?

It would help if I knew a way of telling which modules are not loaded but exist.

From the bootup screens, the following are needed:


the middle three don't bother me - they are the USB drivers for HID, keyboard and mouse, and I don't have them (but why is linux trying to install them?) I don't know what the top one is (its from an error message "cannot find module..." but I cannot grep it in the old kernel either!) AND the bottom one is rather important!

There's another problem, but in another thread.
Thanx in advance

hw-tph 02-04-2004 05:52 AM

Check your /etc/modules.conf file and comment out the lines you don't want there. You will for instance probably find an alias line for sound-service-0-0 (which should resolve to a soundcard driver module).


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