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Horst666 03-31-2016 05:10 PM

new document viewer
Hi guys,

i am a bit irritated by the document viewers i use lately. Evince, Atril and Sumatra will go to the bucket. I am looking for a simple Viewer for pdf, epub and djvu (cbr/cbz would also be nice) that can show dual pages in a real bookview-fullscreen-mode (first one single page and after that two pages). All viewers i know will switch to single page when set to fullscreen/presentation or will show a black screen when the page height-width-ratio seems not suitable instead of just adjusting the zoom. Also it has to work with xfce and it would be lovely if i don't have to install half a gig of unwanted libraries.

Any suggestions?

tronayne 04-01-2016 10:13 AM

Have you tried the built-in PDF viewer in Firefox? Works pretty well for me (and it's 64-bit). There's also a pretty good EPub extension for Firefox, strangely named EPUBReader that I kinda like (it's not annoying, neither is the PDF viewer).

I've given up on Adobe ever doing a 64-bit Acrobat and I do like the Firefox built-in. I do use Okular on occasion but I've grown to like the built-in better.

Oh, yeah, I only use Xfce and Slackware 64 bit and all is well.

Hope this helps some.

gradinaruvasile 04-02-2016 01:23 AM

Keep in mind that:
- Epub is basically HTML where text reflowing is allowed by default and rearranging in "pages" is dynamic.
- PDF on the other hand has strict definition of page, paragraph and font sizes and thus rendering is not dynamic, instead it is more like a static image zoom with all elements at once. I had a PDF viewer once on my phone that had reflowing support for PDF but most dont.

Other than that, for PDF's there is zathura which can do fullscreen dual presentation and its very lightweight. "man zathura" in a terminal for shortcuts (has no graphical settings menus).

frankbell 04-02-2016 08:58 PM

My preferred PDF reader is Okular. I have found it superior to the other Linux PDF readers. I've not used it for *.epub, only because I've been using FBReader without complaint. However, according to the website, Okular supports *.epub, so I just tested one and it seemed work quite nicely.

For *.epub, you might also look into Calibre or FBReader.

FBReader is primarily for reading ebooks; Calibre does much more.

ondoho 04-05-2016 02:22 AM

xpdf for me. near-instant startup, no heavy deps, reliable as a rock, even has rudimentary printing support.

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