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sunlinux 07-30-2008 07:30 AM

network monitoring protocols & ip wise
Hi ,

Is thr any tool for linux in which we can monitor as who is connected(IP) & with which protocol(HTTP,ftp,telnet etc) to our linux internet gateway.

I want to see all ips connected to my linux gateway(from lan side) at any time n what protocols they are using ?


chrism01 07-30-2008 07:59 AM

Well, you can look at /var/log/messages, but you prob ought to go through your firewall (iptables) rules and ensure that logging is set on for each protocol/cxn.

clvic 07-30-2008 10:04 AM

You can make use of the netstat command, which reports you all open connections with associated IPS and port numbers (numbers, without inspecting packets for the actual protocol).
For instance, netstat -lt will report you all sockets in which the local machine acts as a server, for the TCP protocol.

ne pas 07-30-2008 10:54 AM

You could monitor network traffic and related connection info with this console based network monitor: IPTraf

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