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dutler 11-03-2009 03:29 AM

Network Audio Sink and Audio Mastering for Radio Station
Hi, I need to put together an appliance for our Student Radio Station.

This box is to preform several task/functions:
Network Audio Sink - PulseAudio: The FM
  • Transmitter is on the campus LAN, but is remote from the studio. Perhabs there is something that would be appropriate for WAN connections too, such as HD codec and SIP or something.
  • Audio Mastering - jack-rack, jamin?: I do not even know what is needed to make digital audio sound good on an analog FM broad cast. I do know we need to have a compressor. jamin has a three band compressor. Since we are community formant, it might be nice to have saved settings or profiles for different shows - one for talk, one of early morn death metal ect.
  • Back-up Audio: We get in trouble if the FM has silence, so if the network goes down (mon volume on the input?), we want to play a local playlist of local files.

I have been playing with a Ubuntu hardy machine w/rt, pulseaudio, and jack but am not getting things configured correctly.

Can some how help me put together a how-to?


seohonolulu 11-30-2009 04:33 PM

I know this is a little old and I'm not sure if you got any kind of headway on this, but here's what I would suggest;

1 - either uninstall pulse from your box, or go get 64studio beta 3. Reason being is that pulse has no business in a pro-audio arrangement. Also, I'm assuming your rig is only using 1 sound card for input/output, so ALSA can handle this fine. Side note: 64Studio pulls from Ubuntu's repo's so you can still work with the same software you currently installed in most cases.. just gotta reinstall it).

2 - Find out if the source that will receive the FM from you can work with Icecast ( which does streaming. Icecast is pretty flexible and robust.

3 - a basic setup would be like this: DJ -> mic -> mixer -> sound input/DAW -> JACK ...

now before I go further, you would need to setup a chain of JACK inputs and outputs. From the program called qjackctl you would manage these connections. So maybe something like this would do the trick...

Input Source: input on the sound card
Output Source: from the sound card input into JACK EQ (adjust levels and compression possibly)
Output Source: from JACK EQ to Icecast

From there, Icecast is responsible for moving the data. Gotta admit, this is a pretty big project you got going, so I know my simplistic answers won't get you totally squared away... but at the least I hope the flow of it will help. Good luck!

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