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Toker 10-11-2003 10:41 PM

Need wine configuration help
I installed wine from the latest rpm made for mandrake, after I installed (carefully reading the documentation) winesetuptk, I ran the latest winecheck and got 80% Yea! (?)

I then got the 'winetools' from "Frank's Corner" and ran it, but when I went to install a program, something may have screwed up, because when I selected the setup.exe and began the install, a "half-formed" pop-up window opened on the desktop with the "windows instalation thingy" and locked up. I even let it sit for about 10 minutes, but nothing....

First, how do I properly install windows software through wine?

Second, I'm not too sure of the winesetuptk settings, I'm seeing both a 'c' and a 'fake_windows' directory in the $HOME/.wine/ directory, in the config file, I have:

[Drive C]
"Path" = "/home/michael/.wine/fake_windows"
"Type" = "hd"
"Label" = "/home/michael/.wine/fake_windows"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

Can I safely delete the c directory? (I think it was put on by the 'winetools' utility)

Also, it the config I have:

[Drive H]
"Type" = "cdrom"
"Path" = "/mnt/hd"
"Label" = "/mnt/hd"
"FileSystem" = "win95"
"Device" = "/dev/hdb1"

hdb1 is the slave drive correct? If so, I took it off the system due to problems with it, so I'm guessing that I can delete that section? Should I delete it, should I go in and re-name all the drives below it (excluding x, y and z)

Assuming the lockup was due to a bad configuration, if I simply delete the current config file and re-run winesetuptk, or winetools (if anyone reading this is familiar with it,) will it automatically create a new configuration?

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