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gandhix 11-29-2003 10:46 AM

Need help with applications freezing (something wine and inet_addr related)
I've been using crossover plugin for a week or so, was working great till today (I don't remember changing anything in the config, it's quite strange).
Here is the problem, when loading a page which has flash or quicktime content, mozilla hangs for a minute, then display the page (without the flash content) and with a "plugin initialization" notice in the status bar.
Thinking of some trouble with wine, I started Quictime player with strace. It looks like it hangs for some minute on this line :


fcntl64(10, F_SETFD, FD_CLOEXEC) = 0
setsockopt(10, SOL_SOCKET, SO_REUSEADDR, [1], 4) = 0
setsockopt(10, SOL_TCP, TCP_NODELAY, [1], 4) = 0
connect(10, {sa_family=AF_INET, sin_port=htons(631), sin_addr=inet_addr("")}, 16
then it goes on without a problem.
Looks like it tries to connect to some local IP. But I don't know where he gets that one, I only use 1 network card, which has another IP (starting with 213...). The other thing I don't know is why it suddenly stopped working.

I suppose that what happens in mozilla is that the plugin start, then hangs, then get killed after timeout by some crossover security feature I saw in the FAQ, and finally mozilla displays the page withtout the multimedia content.

Any clues ?

Thanks :)

PS : same prob when starting photoshop

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