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Rickj42 08-11-2003 11:31 PM

Need help using xterm/gnome-terminal with -e option??
I'm new to this board, so far it looks pretty cool and impressive.
I appologize for the double post. I am new to this board and believe I should have asked this question here instead of the "Programming" forum below. I am prevented from just posting a link because I am a newbie. Please have a look...thanks.



Here is my little problem: I need to run a legacy console program from within the GUI I am working on. I am having a problem using the -e option.

As I understand the xterm and gnome-terminal documentation, from the command I should be able to do a "xterm -e myprog" to open a terminal window inwhich myprog will execute.

The problem is that the newly created terminal does not emulate VT102 properly. Specifically the function keys, cursor keys, and character graphics are incorrect.

If the terminal is opened from the desktop and the command myprog is typed in, then everything works fine.

Does anybody kow why the VTxxx emulation doesn't work in the first case and works fine in the latter?

I have tried everything I can thing of but to no avail. I would appreciate any help or ideas you may have . Thanks.

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