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gljubuncic 04-29-2005 12:33 PM

Need help installing Lexmark's laser printer drivers
Hi all,

I'm new to Linux, as a matter of fact just installed my first distro today. I decided to install the Suse 9.3 Professional. All works perfectly fine, I even managed to install the Apache web server with PHP up and working so I'm very happy with that :) but I'm not able to setup my Lexmark E232 laser printer. When I go to Yast it recognizes the exact model of the printer but when I go on to configure it I have to choose the printer manufacturer and the exact model. The problem is that under the listed models mine is not there. I downloaded the drivers from Lexmark's website and installed the RPM but nothing happens. I don't see my printer added to the list nor does it appear as installed after I install the driver. With the printer I only got Windows drivers!

What am I missing here?

Thank you all very much. Appreciate your help.

All best,

gljubuncic 04-29-2005 12:38 PM

One more thing...

When I said configuring it and not finding my model I meant no filters that match my model. Configuring the printer without filter just doesn't work.

All best,

gljubuncic 04-30-2005 12:07 PM

Well I found an answer...

Since the Lexmark's driver is compatible with suse 9.0 and earlier only it does nothing on 9.3. In order to get this printer set up I chose to install it as HP LaserJet 4 printer. That option will give you some toner saving capabilities with ok results. Good for printing text but not images or charts.

If you want excellent results in quality but without the toner saving options and some other extras install it as LaserJet-Series-PCL-6 since Lexmark E232 is PCL6 printer. I have both options installed. It works just fine. I guess any PCL6 setup will work.

Hope this helps anyone with similar problem now or in future.

All best,

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