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Fachmann 03-06-2005 11:15 PM

Need help installing ALSA 1.0.8
Hi, I'm a noob when it comes to linux. I had installed it several months ago (Mandrake 10.1) and had many problems concerning sound drivers, after a while I noticed my Windows partition wouldn't yeah long story.

But anyway, after a few months I've decided to give Linux another try because I want to learn Linux really badly :(. However, my initial problem concerning sound drivers is once again relevant. I've figured out that the reason why my soundcard doesn't work with the current ALSA version is because it's not supported (it's a Dell Creative Live! card). However, I also noticed that as of version 1.0.6 there was support for this card under the "emu10k1x" driver. I'm not sure if Mandrake 10.1 has ALSA 1.0.6 or later and I can't seem to find it in the settings panel. The module "emu10k1x" is not available for selection yet it's in the name of the sound card, which confuses me. I don't know why it reads "[SB Live! Value] EMU10k1X" for description and "snd-emu10k1" for module. So, if things are the way I think they are I need to install a newer version of ALSA.

Now, here is where my problem comes from, I've tried to go through the "Quick Installation" (I'm not allowed to post the URL :( ) on the ALSA website. However, for one I'm not sure what file I need to begin with this installation and also when I went through the procedure with the "alsa-driver-1.0.8.tar.bz2" file I could only get to the part where I had to create a new directory. When I typed "mkdir alsa" in the "/usr/src" dir (note: I DID use console for this, I'm not that much of a noob ;) ) I got a permission error.

Now I'm almost positive that this means I don't have root privileges so I'm wondering how is it possible to gain root privileges so I can install ALSA 1.0.8. I'd like to know how this is possible while remaining in KDE.

Now if you've by any chance noticed that I'm doing something wrong other than the root privileges thing then please let me know. Again, I'm a noob so I'm not sure that I've done ANYTHING right. Excuse me for the long post but I felt I had to be as detailed as possible. Saying that I'm also aware that I left out some details, if you need more please let me know, any help is greatly appreciated, thanks :)

Fachmann 03-07-2005 01:04 PM

Can someone please help me? I know I'm acting a little bit impatient here, but I don't want to be ignored :( Please....

PMorph 03-07-2005 02:25 PM

Use command "su" at console to gain root privileges.
..I sense more problems ahead, but its a start :)

Fachmann 03-07-2005 04:08 PM

Thank you so much for responding :) That little comand really helped out. However, just as you predicted there would be problems up ahead. I got as far as to be able to type "./configure --with-cards=emu10k1x --with-sequencer=yes;make;make install" to install the driver, it should have been the last step I assume. However, I unfortunately got an error. Here are the lines where the error showed up:

checking for which soundcards to compile driver for... configure: error: Unsuppo rted soundcard emu10k1x
make all-deps
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/alsa/alsa-driver-1.0.8'
make[1]: Nothing to be done for `all-deps'.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/alsa/alsa-driver-1.0.8'

Please, run the configure script as first...

rm -f /snd*.*o /persist.o /isapnp.o
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/alsa/alsa-driver-1.0.8/acore'
Makefile:6: /usr/src/alsa/alsa-driver-1.0.8/Makefile.conf: No such file or direc tory
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `/usr/src/alsa/alsa-driver-1.0.8/ nf'. Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/alsa/alsa-driver-1.0.8/acore'
make: *** [install-modules] Error 1

I was soo close, but I got this error, can anyone understand what caused this error? I can post more information if need be. I'll post the link to the quide from which I was following directions of the installation in a post right after this because I can't post URLs until after three posts (according to forum rules).

Once again, thanks you SOO much PMorph :) this is what I had expected from an open-source community, not what you get from a community of money-grabbing stinge-wads :-P

Fachmann 03-07-2005 04:10 PM

Here is the URL for the page I got the installation instructions from

Fachmann 03-08-2005 01:40 PM

Hmm... maybe I should just email the ALSA team :(

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