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Falieson 08-06-2003 03:51 PM

Need help creating virtual nodes

I was wondering if anyone could help me with how to create virtual nodes?

This is what I have, as far as creating virtual nodes.

For example, if I were to make a virtual node called blah


#cd /dev
#./MAKEDEV blah

adding to /etc/vntab :
/dev/blah /usr/ mount=/usr/blah

#vnconfig -s labels -S 4g -T -c /dev/blah /data/blah
#vnconfig -u /dev/blah /usr/blah
# mewfs blah
# mount /dev/blah /usr/blah


So would that all work? I am just doing this off the top of my head and I think I have miss matched some steps, or confused something. :scratch:

I can not test it on a system as I am surrounded by production servers.

Any and all replies and help are appreciated.

Thank you.


Falieson 08-06-2003 04:30 PM


Falieson 08-07-2003 09:29 AM

I suppose no one knows anything about virtual nodes?

Falieson 08-07-2003 02:09 PM

lots of looks but are you serious no one knows how to do virtual nodes?

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