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jraute 09-27-2004 03:30 AM

ncpfs and samba / problems with large data

i got problems copying large amounts of data from the windows clients
to the novell server over a "linux gateway" using ncpfs and samba and i am not sure if this a known problem or not.

between 0 and 20 mbytes is no problem, but more than this gives an
error message that the volume would be full, which is surely not full.
free disk space is always more than 20 gb. maybe you have some
information how to solve or what to change in the configuration.

the guys from the novell project told me to ask the samba gurus. so here i am.

(don't ask me why using linux and not the novell client for windows, cuz the answer is increased network performance on the windows machines without the novell stuff)

thanks in advance


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